Celebrate the Great British Barbecue this Summer

Celebrity Chef, and all-round barbecue expert, Ben Bartlett (aka BBQ Ben) is championing the Great British Barbecue. Winner of the British Barbecue Chef of the Year, Ben is using his passion for all things Al Fresco to inspire us with some tasty treats from the grill this summer.

Ben’s book, The BBQ Manual, has all the information you need to get your barbecueing off to a great start. With marinades and rubs to the infamous beer-can chicken, the BBQ Manual contains BBQ Ben’s top 100 mouth-watering recipes, from his fruity tomato and strawberry glaze to meaty feasts for the more adventurous – pigs’ trotters, kangaroo kebabs, barbecued octopus and grilled shark.

But barbecues aren’t just about meat – recipes for fish, shellfish, vegetarian dishes, sauces, salads, breads and pizza are all included, along with basic techniques, such as smoking, to liven the palate. Get your hands on a copy of the book today.

The BBQ Manual

Follow BBQ Ben as he explores some classic barbecue recipes

With years of experience, both in commercial restaurants and for the sheer joy of cooking with friends, Ben shares his expertise and knowledge at events and festivals around the globe.

Ben has judged international BBQ Championships, cooked for the stars, and given his top tips for successful outdoor cooking on radio and TV. And you too can join in and get some gourmet grilling going on this summer!

Follow BBQ Ben on his journey to explore classic British food, great barbecue recipes, and a few special surprises this summer…

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Get your Barbecue
off to a great start with
some secrets of the professionals

Ever wonder how to make pulled pork? Or how professional chefs make sure their BBQ chicken is cooked through? How about the perfect glazes and marinades? Over the coming months BBQ Ben will be sharing some of his barbecue know-how and helping us along the way to al fresco mastery.

Here, on the bbqben.co.uk website, Ben will be sharing a wide range of recipes, techniques, and cooking styles which will be sure to inspire and impress when you break out the barbecue this summer!

Have a browse through the recipes section, here on bbqben.co.uk, for some mouth-watering BBQ ideas for meats, poultry, fish, shellfish, sides, and veterinarian barbecue ideas.

Barbecue Recipes

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