Baking Bread on a BBQ

BBQ Bread

There is nothing better smelling or tasting than freshly baked bread. However, something even tastier is bread baked on a BBQ. There are a handful of breads that can be cooked on your barbecue and most of them are simple to make, and don’t let the simplicity fool you BBQ breads are amazing.

Flat Breads on a BBQ

These simple and delicious breads are amazing. They can be plain with no spices or herbs and when eaten hot of the grid with a dollop of butter just send the taste buds into overdrive. And then they can have herbs and spices such as rosemary to give them a truly magical taste.

The recipes for almost every flat bread for a BBQ are very much the same. You will need some plain flour, some dried yeast, olive oil (not essential but recommended) and some water.  Rather than making one large “loaf” flat breads are far better made as rolls or single serving sized breads.

With flat breads, the ingredients are mixed, kneaded a little and left to rise for a few minutes before being placed on a tray on the BBQ. Remember, the bottom of your bread will cook faster than the top and having the correct temperature is part of the art of flat bread making on a BBQ. You might have to experiment a little at first, and one of two of your loaves or rolls may get burnt until you perfect the art. Once perfected, the simplicity of making flat bread on your barbecue will make them a must-have, and no BBQ will be complete without them.

You can of course, play around with different types of flour to get different types of flat bread with amazing tastes. The flat breads do not rise a great deal but when made well are delicately soft and the homemade taste shines through. Some people brush olive oil on their bread while it is baking and top this off with a scrunch of salt. You can experiment further and add cheese into your bread mix or even chopped bacon, to be honest, the sky is the limit with flat breads.

Beer Bread or No-Knead bread

Beer Bread or No-Need breads on the BBQ are often called pot breads. These breads are even easier to make that the flat breads but often need a little more time to cook. To really cheat and produce something amazing self-raising flour is the secret. A bag of self-raising flour mixed with a bottle of beer and maybe a little water with salt to taste is by far the easiest bread you will ever make. Once the ingredients are mixed they are placed in a cast iron pot layered with baking paper and left to bake slowly on the grill or near the heat of the grill, the trick again is to get the temperature right and stop the bottom from burning.

Around the world beer or pot breads become “modified” some people throw in a can of sweetcorn and mix it in to create a simple corn bread tasting loaf. In South Africa, one of the most unusual is a Chakalaka Beer Bread that doesn’t even need the beer where a can of hot and spicy mixed vegetables are stirred into the mix producing a bright orange bread with a sweet, spicy taste that people go crazy for. Adding in cheese is common with simple pot breads as is adding bacon or chopped veg.

Best served hot, any bread cooked on the BBQ is a simple and tasty addition to any BBQ and will turn any humble Chef into a true BBQ master.

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