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Essential BBQ Herbs & Spices

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Professional Services


Do you need a live cooking demonstration or an expert panel of judges? Ben has delivered talks, competitions, and live demonstrations internationally, both independently and on behalf of major food brands.


A seasoned professional in the catering industry, Ben has helped hundreds of businesses in the catering and hospitality sectors to improve their offer and increase profitability. 

TV and Radio

Available for TV and radio appearances, Ben has previously worked with the BBC and This Morning programme in the UK as well as cooking series for international channels. Ben loves to talk passionately about all things food. Sharing some essential tips along with the joy of cooking in all styles.

Proof of the pudding...

Ben was the “go to” person on food within S&NPC. His personal and coaching style allowed him to inspire many of our lessees to develop their food offer and he used his extensive knowledge of the food category to grow lessee profits in our pub estate. Ben has a massive network of contacts in the food industry who he used effectively to enrich and develop our food support marketing. I would recommend Ben for any projects or roles involving the training and motivation of independent businesses to push their food offer to the next level. I do not know of anyone more passionate and knowledgable than Ben in this field.

Matthew Woodward FRGS – Adventurer & Writer

Ben combines his skills as a chef with a sound grasp of the commercial realities of running a pub or restaurant business, a relatively rare combination which enables him to offer effective, practical advice to operators. I have regularly used comments and advice from Ben in articles designed to help operators develop their food business, as well as working with him on activities including cookery demonstrations at trade events, and judging for The Publican Awards, where his insight into the businesses under scrutiny was invaluable. Ben was a stalwart member of the Beer and Food Matching Panel which I assembled for The Publican, regularly providing interesting and imaginative matching suggestions for a very popular regular feature in the magazine’s food pages. On a personal level, my barbecue skills have been improved immensely by the opportunity to learn from the Master!

John Porter – Director at ShielPorter Communications, Freelance journalist and writer

I have known Ben Bartlett for nearly a decade – initially during my time as Editor of the Morning Advertiser (2000-09) – and always found him the consummate food professional. He is extremely knowledgeable about food trends, and what sells in pubs. He is also a barbecue expert (and acknowledged as one of the world’s top barbecuists). He has written numerous articles for me, including one recently for BIIBUSINESS, and they have always been well received by readers. Ben is enthusiastic and very easy to work with, and I value my professional relationship with him.

Andrew Pring – Editor at Stable Media

BBQ Chef of Great Britain

Benjamin Bartlett

From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a chef. My mother is a phenomenal cook and I learnt about meat, fish and game from her. Even now she won’t let me in her kitchen! I started my catering training in Bournemouth studying 7061 and 7062 Food Skills and got my first job at Forte’s Restaurant on the seafront as a commis chef. The kitchen worked with an old-fashioned brigade system so you moved around doing everything from peeling to washing! It was great training.

After many years working for big corporations I set up my own consultancy business and wrote a book, The Haynes BBQ Manual that is available in over 75 countries. I advise several National companies and regularly write for the media, working continuously on projects for the Craft Guild of Chefs and the Seafish Industry Authority and I am the Ambassador for Crown Verity barbecues and Lions sauces. My favourite item to barbecue is fish, because you can char-grill, steam in foil, wrap in salted vine leaves or cook on wood (planking) – the options are endless! Mackerel and sardines work really well, all you need are fresh herbs, oil and flavours and the end taste is fantastic.

In my spare time, I give more time to my favourite charity The Eleanor Children’s Charitable Trust and have spent time in Targu Jiu, Romania distributing aid to orphanages, schools and hospitals.

Recently I have been awarded the Silver Craftsman award from the Craft Guild of Chefs and I have become a Certified World BBQ Association Judge Trainer.

“I am on a mission to bring the joy of outdoor cooking to the nation and working with children and adults to explore the wonderful possibilities of traditional British food.”

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