Portable Kitchens

I am delighted to offer premium portable cookery theatre demonstration units for all my demonstrations in 2024.

As a professional food demonstrator, I really know how to please a crowd and will happily work to your brief and the overall events theme.

These are available in 1.5m, 2,4m, 4m and trailer kitchens. Units feature a four-ring gas or induction hob, sink, oven and fridge and supplied fully equipped with a top-quality PA system. Optional overhead cameras linked to screens are available and signage is fully brandable if required.

I use a large range of BBQs including Monolith Kamado, Tripod and Tabletop Shichirin. All Health & Safety is taken seriously with all fire safety equipment, and I have a 5-star rating for food hygiene from Bristol City Council.

I’ve worked with lots of talented chefs over the years that can also join me for your forthcoming food festival or cookery demonstration.

Please get in touch to book a top BBQ chef demonstrating their trade, and create inspiring, mouth-watering, and exciting dishes using the best British ingredients.

For 2024 I am delighted to offer the following classes:

BBQ Ben Masterclass

Covering BBQ styles and types, different types of woods, woodchips and charcoals, lighting techniques and cooking temperatures, Grilling, Smoking, Baking, Searing & Direct and Indirect cooking, Fire & Food Safety, Hot and Cold Smoking with BBQs, Marinades, salts, dry rubs and sauces.

American BBQ

Cook a steak to perfection and have a go at seafood BBQ in this amazing BBQ cooking class. BBQ Ben will show you how to use your BBQ to infuse flavour and make a tasty feast with inspiration straight from the USA.

Australian BBQ

Pop a shrimp on the barbie in this online cooking class! With the help of your BBQ master, Ben, you will learn how to grill up something yummy with flavours and recipes from the land down under.

Tex Mex

Become a BBQ buff in this online cooking class! You’ll learn how to grill yummy food for summertime garden parties or even a winter dinner party. This virtual class will give you loads of great things to make at home that is packed with flavour.

You will learn how to grill and BBQ all sorts of meat in this online cooking class. A BBQ master, Ben, will show you how to cook bbq chicken drumsticks so that they’re juicy and flavourful and how to turn poblano peppers into a tasty dish.

Anyone can enjoy this BBQ cooking class from grilling newbies to a seasoned chef!

Fish is the BBQ Dish

Try this class to learn the tastiest bbq seafood recipes with perfect cooking every time. It’s a fun thing to do at home as you’ll learn a new skill and get a yummy reward.

Whatever your favourite fish is, you will learn the best way to season and cook it with help from the BBQ Champion of Great Britain, BBQ Ben!

Sustainable British fish and shellfish to include:

Cod, Coley, Brown crab, Cuttlefish, Haddock, Hake, Langoustine, Mackerel, Monkfish, Oysters, Plaice, Prawns, Scallops, Dover sole, Squid and turbot.

Perfect Veggies

Calling all veggie lovers and vegetarians, this live class is for you! Learn how to make the most delicious food using your BBQ or grill. Recipes include patatas bravas and halloumi fries Picante. We will also be cooking corn on the cob, stuffed peppers, grilled aubergine & foil wrapped sunchokes.

Your BBQ master, Ben, will show you the best ways for you to use your barbecue or grill and how to use it to make some tasty vegetable dishes. Infuse your veggies with spices and flavours for an impressive meal. BBQ Ben will also help you serve your masterpieces so that they make an exciting feast. It is sure to wow all your guests at your next party.

If you’re new to the grill or cooking flavourful food for vegetarians, then this cooking class is for you. It’s a productive thing to do at home as you’ll learn loads of great new skills for some healthy cooking.

BBQ Sweet Life

BBQ isn’t all about the savoury, try this BBQ cooking class to get some sweet treats out of your grill. It’s perfect when you want some fun things to do at home and learn a great new skill.

No matter if you’re a BBQ newbie or master griller, everyone can learn something new in this class. You’ll also get a yummy reward out of your freshly grilled desserts.

You’ll be helped along by the BBQ Champion of Great Britain, BBQ Ben. You’ll get demonstrations to guide you through for your next party using only your BBQ. Impress family and friends with a warming pudding to finish the night.

Japanese Yakiniku BBQ

In Japan, Japanese style BBQ is called Yakiniku (焼肉), and literary means grilled meat often enjoyed with a dipping sauce. You will learn meat and vegetable dishes cooking on a tabletop Shichirin (七輪) BBQ and how to make a delicious, sweet and flavourful Japanese BBQ sauce from scratch.

Korean Gogi-Gui BBQ

Korean BBQ 고기구이 or ‘meat roast’ is a popular method in Korean cuisine of grilling meat, typically beef, pork or chicken, often prepared on grills built into the dining table. You will learn delicious marinated and un-marinated meat dishes and various banchan side dishes, accompanied with a glass of alcoholic soju!

BBQ After Party

Have a real blast and get to know each other and have some fun! The “extras” really make a BBQ party with grilled desserts and punchy cocktails! With ideas and recipes from BBQ Ben’s and Alex Nicholls new book “BBQ Desserts & Cocktails” with signed copies available at the show!

Ready Steady BBQ

Two cooks compete with a mystery bag of ingredients supplied by BBQ Ben to be crowned the King or Queen of the BBQ and win a Grill Master Apron.

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