BBQ Ben Takes on New Role as Director for Love British Food

Bristol, UK – 20th February 2024

Renowned barbecue expert and culinary ambassador, Ben Bartlett, is pleased to announce his appointment as a Director for Love British Food, a leading social enterprise organisation dedicated to championing British food culture.

In addition to his existing roles as an Ambassador for Love British Food, Ambassador for Monolith Grills and a Board Member of the Master Chefs of Great Britain, Ben’s commitment to promoting traditional British cuisine continues to deepen.

Expressing his enthusiasm for his new role, Ben Bartlett stated, “Being appointed as a Director for Love British Food is an honour. I am passionate about celebrating the richness and diversity of British food, and this role allows me to further my love of bringing the joy of outdoor cooking to the world.”

Founded in 2002, Love British Food operates at the grassroots level, engaging communities across the country to foster a greater appreciation for British-sourced ingredients. From teachers in schools to chefs in hospitals and organisers of food festivals, Love British Food’s network is driven by individuals dedicated to promoting British food culture.

At the heart of Love British Food’s mission is the aim to increase engagement with British food, boost the market share of British produce, and stimulate investment in domestic food production. As a Director, Ben Bartlett will play a pivotal role in advancing these objectives, advocating for sustainable supply chains, promoting food growth that sustains the environment, and ensuring access to nutritious British-grown food for all sectors of society.

Commenting on Love British Food’s vision, Ben Bartlett added, “I am committed to collaborating with Love British Food to create positive change in our food system. Together, we will work towards a future where high-quality British food is accessible to all, supporting our farmers, producers, and communities.”

Ben will lead on encouraging chefs across the country to source British on their menus all year-round and to take part in the national food celebrations, British Food Fortnight, every autumn.

As a not-for-profit organisation transitioning into a Social Enterprise, Love British Food reinvests all funds into its activities, driving impactful initiatives that celebrate and promote British food culture.

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