How a BBQ Master can Redefine Meat

A Barbecue without meat is like a bath without water. At the very heart of a family barbecue or corporate cookout, you will often find a steak, a chop, burger, or sausage. For many British homes, the meat and two veg is still staple. Meat is part of our lives, many of us cannot deny that we love the juiciness of any meat no matter how it is cooked.

Vegetarian and Vegan Growth

Despite the continued enjoyment of meat, there has been a noticeably clear movement with people steering away from it. Concerns over farming practices and the ever-growing amounts of methane from growing herds of cattle are changing the way people think about meat. Vegetarianism and the more extreme veganism have become common lifestyle choices for individuals and entire families. However, and I find this a little amusing, despite such a wide variety of non-meat food sources so many vegan and vegetarian “alternatives” are made to taste like or simulate some form of animal.

Tastes Like Beef

Vegetarian and vegan foods that “taste like beef” clearly demonstrate that we, as humans, still love the taste of meat. Evidence of this is found on more and more supermarket aisles. I am not knocking these products, the creativity is astonishing, but if people want the taste of meat, they should surely have meat, right? You could say I sit on the fence when it comes to the debate between vegans and carnivores, all sides of the argument make sense. However, a few weeks ago I discovered a product that has had me singing its praises since I first tried it.

Looks Like Meat, Tastes Like Meat

Meat is meat, right? Well, yes and no. Meat has been millions of years in the making. Animals have been bred, cross-bred, inter-bred and fed different foods to create different meats and flavours. When I had a 3D printed steak all these years of perfecting the right beast to be killed went out the window. Yes, I tasted a 3D printed steak from Redefine meat and I had no idea it wasn’t real meat. It was real meat, but it wasn’t, it’s complicated.

Redefine Meat

Redefine Meat is working to become the world’s largest meat company by harnessing technology instead of animals. Their meat tastes like any ordinary meat, better if I may say so, and yet it is totally manmade. The ‘New Meat’ created by Redefine Meat is not an alternative or substitute, but a completely new standard of meat. Perfect streaks, identical in every way to a conventional farm-grown and slaughtered beef steak, burgers so delicious they beat any quarter pounder I have eaten anywhere and yet they are made from plant-based materials – precisely the same and entirely different.

3D Printed Meat

It was never going to be long before someone started printing food, but Redefine Meat take it further. Using science, AI and other state of the art technology, Redefine Meat have produced a range of meat products that are not so much an alternative but indeed a “new meat aimed beyond just vegetarians and vegans. The meat cooks on the barbecue as well as it does in the pan, oven, or casserole dish and yet it is 100% vegetable! The meat is so good that I have become an influencer! Aimed initially and commercial caterers wanting more than just a meat alternative, Redefine Meat is a whole different animal!

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