BBQ Hampers

Ben Bartlett, aka BBQ Ben has created a range of BBQ Hampers bringing together his culinary expertise and amazing BBQ flavours to bring joy to anyone who loves their BBQ. 

If you are looking for the ultimate gift for the BBQ’er or Chef in your household BBQ Ben has the answer.  Ben Bartlett has announced that he has put together a selection of BBQ Hamper Gift Packs along with some signed copies of his books. These gifts are ideal for anyone who loves to BBQ or simply loves to explore food.

Available from Ben’s website the BBQ Hampers and Gift packs all come personally wrapped and hand finished. The various BBQ Hampers include a wide range of BBQ implements and items such as Bamboo Skewers, Fire Lighters, Rockwell Silicon Gloves, and a Blooma Manual BBQ fan for example. Of course, signed copies of BBQ Ben’s books including the Haynes BBQ Manual and Ben’s Award Winning Sauce!

Not only do the BBQ Christmas hampers include books and other items, but they are jam packed with Ben’s amazing BBQ Buddy recipe kits. With these awesome BBQ flavour packs, the BBQ’er in your life will be able to cook up a storm and treat everyone to some of the most flavoursome BBQ food in the world. The BBQ Hampers from BBQ Ben are a dream gift for anyone who is mad about BBQing or really wants to start taking BBQing seriously or just have fun.

There is a magical personal touch to each, and every hamper delivered.  The hampers are unique to BBQ Ben and will be available for a limited time and not available in any stores.

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