The Gluten Free BBQ

Not so long-ago being gluten intolerant was virtually unheard of. Today, unless you have been sleeping under a rock, we have all heard of it. When It comes to a having a BBQ though and hearing that one of the guests needs gluten-free food alarm bells can ring. However, as a BBQ Master, I am going to tell you that a Gluten Free Barbecue is not as challenging as you think and merely needs you to be cool, calm and collected.

Planning is essential

Planning the key to a successful Gluten Free BBQ. If you don’t know what it means to cook gluten free and if you want to know what you can and cannot cook, ask. You will be amazed and just how easy BBQing Gluten Free is when you are armed with knowledge. With a Gluten Free BBQ, you just need to remain focused and cook carefully.

Prepping and Cleaning

Once you know what a Gluten Free BBQ entails you can begin to cook. It starts with cleaning. Yes, cleaning. Cleaning your grid and your BBQ utensils is one of the most important parts of a Gluten Free BBQ. Cross-contamination is easier than you might think and if your grid is particularly greased up it may be worthwhile using a new grid – having a spare grid, or just keeping one for future Gluten Free BBQs is always a good idea. Make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly.

Gluten Free Food

Making sure your food is Gluten Free is essential. You do not necessarily need to specifically buy gluten free foods; some foods are naturally gluten free. When it comes to gluten free foods it is best to ask your guest what they can eat and what they usually buy. The one thing that you do need to know is that gluten free good is far from boring. Check that your sauces and bastings are gluten free, this is where most people trip up. They have perfectly good gluten free food and then baste it in beer or some other sauce and the whole concept flies out the window. My new Original BBQ Sauce is gluten free and also vegan friendly. To buy go to:

Keeping Gluten Away

It makes sense to create a barrier between gluten free and normal foods. The best ways to achieve this are by using tin foil to separate gluten free from normal and to use separate utensils. The is an old wives’ tale that gluten can be killed or burnt off with excessive heat. This is completely false. 

Separate BBQ

Another trick that makes a gluten free BBQ a success is to use a separate Barbecue. Again, make sure you use separate utensils to avoid cross contamination and your BBQ is easy.

Purchase a purple handled knife, tongs and purple colour coded poly cutting board to prepare Gluten Free items. This colour is now recognised for all Allergen. A full range of Allergen items are available from

Overall a Gluten Free BBQ is not difficult. There are many gluten free products on the market today and more and more products are going gluten free just because it is healthier. A successful gluten free BBQ is all about asking questions, planning ahead and concentrating when cooking. If you can do this then you are ready to cook gluten free.

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