Benjamin Bartlett

BBQ Ben Original BBQ Sauce

BBQ Ben Original BBQ Sauce

After more than two decades at the very top of the Barbecue cooking game, World BBQ Champion, Ben Bartlett, AKA BBQ Ben has launched his own Original BBQ Sauce in the UK. The BBQ Ben Original BBQ Sauce has been made to a secret recipe created to bring out the champion in you when you […]

Christmas Turkey and the Trimmings on the BBQ

BBQ Turkey

A traditional Christmas lunch is very much a part of Christmas. Family and friends celebrating over a wonderful meal is tradition and, in many ways, the same every year. However, we live in times where people want to do things differently and one way to make things differently is to cook Christmas Turkey on the […]

How a BBQ Master can Redefine Meat

A Barbecue without meat is like a bath without water. At the very heart of a family barbecue or corporate cookout, you will often find a steak, a chop, burger, or sausage. For many British homes, the meat and two veg is still staple. Meat is part of our lives, many of us cannot deny […]

A Barbecue in Winter

Turkey & Cranberries

The summer of 2021 saw Britain get some glimpses of the sun and all over the country the Great British Food Festival brought the crowds no matter what. With some fantastic demonstrations from some of the most talented chefs, bakers and cooks, tasty food and pleasant weather came together. Now winter is here the recipes […]

The Love of British Food

British Food Fortnight 2022 is the biggest national celebration of British food on the nation’s calendar and running from 17th September to 2nd October this year marks its 21st year! I love British Food. I don’t need a festival to enjoy it, but such an event does give me the chance to say why I […]

The full flavour of a virtual beer

When we think of anything virtual, we build up a picture in our mind that resembles the real thing.  We all can imagine, some better than others and with advances in technology our imaginations have helped us create virtual worlds, spaces, and places. In these virtual spaces we can see and hear but cannot touch […]

The Secret to Success with 21st Century Street Food

All over the world street food feeds millions of people every single day.  From the backstreets of Mumbai to the hustle of Wall Street in New York on the go food is favoured by many. For those who eat the food, they get a filling and often nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch or even their […]

When good beer and good food collide

On 15th June, the UK celebrates national beer day.  This is your chance to enjoy some of the many amazing beers that the UK has to offer.  There are over 3,000 craft breweries in the UK, a number that grown progressively in the last few years.  With so many breweries, each offering their own distinct […]

UK BBQ Week 2022

The new date for UK BBQ Week is May 28th – 5th June 2022 and this year looks set to be a cracker.  UK BBQ Week has grown in popularity every year since its inception and even a lockdown and a pandemic could not hold the event back last year, neither will it this year. […]

With a Grain of Salt

With a Grain of Salt

“Where would we be without salt?” James Beard (1903-1985) Salt, the oldest culinary trick in the book, is one of the five tastes the human tongue can sense (the others are sweet, sour, bitter, and umami). Enhancing your ingredients without interfering with their unique smells or tastes, salt turns up the flavor on your food! […]