Benjamin Bartlett

The Secret to Success with 21st Century Street Food

All over the world street food feeds millions of people every single day.  From the backstreets of Mumbai to the hustle of Wall Street in New York on the go food is favoured by many. For those who eat the food, they get a filling and often nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch or even their […]

When good beer and good food collide

On 15th June, the UK celebrates national beer day.  This is your chance to enjoy some of the many amazing beers that the UK has to offer.  There are over 3,000 craft breweries in the UK, a number that grown progressively in the last few years.  With so many breweries, each offering their own distinct […]

UK BBQ Week 2024

The new date for UK BBQ Week is 4th – 12th May 2024 and this year looks set to be a cracker.  UK BBQ Week has grown in popularity every year since its inception and even a lockdown and a pandemic could not hold the event back last year, neither will it this year. Make […]

With a Grain of Salt

With a Grain of Salt

“Where would we be without salt?” James Beard (1903-1985) Salt, the oldest culinary trick in the book, is one of the five tastes the human tongue can sense (the others are sweet, sour, bitter, and umami). Enhancing your ingredients without interfering with their unique smells or tastes, salt turns up the flavor on your food! […]

Food & Drink Pairing

Food & Drink Pairing

We think nothing of recommending wine to accompany a dish and many pubs and bars now have the confidence to match beers to go with dishes on the menu. A co-ordinated drink and food offer adds genuine value for customers and if they go away happy, they’ll be back for more. The following foods can […]

Golf and the Halfway House BBQ

Golf and the Halfway House BBQ

It is fair to say that a few golf courses and golf clubs are not as creative as they could be when it comes to feeding players. The 9th hole or halfway house is a point in any golfers’ game where a good meal or snack is welcomed for any number of reasons.  A Barbecue […]

BBQ Food Events 2024

BBQ Food Events 2021

Every year there are food and food related events in the UK and around the world. If you have a catering business these events can be a great way to drum up business. If BBQ is part of your catering business, then I invite you to get creative and have some fun with these events […]

Baking Bread on a BBQ

BBQ Bread

There is nothing better smelling or tasting than freshly baked bread. However, something even tastier is bread baked on a BBQ. There are a handful of breads that can be cooked on your barbecue and most of them are simple to make, and don’t let the simplicity fool you BBQ breads are amazing. Flat Breads […]

BBQ Health and Safety

BBQ Health & Safety

Summer is just around the corner and BBQs are being dusted off ready for some parties and good cooking. It makes sense at this time of the year to raise some of the issues around BBQ health and safety and not just the obvious. In the last few years as BBQing has grown in popularity […]

The Gluten Free BBQ

Not so long-ago being gluten intolerant was virtually unheard of. Today, unless you have been sleeping under a rock, we have all heard of it. When It comes to a having a BBQ though and hearing that one of the guests needs gluten-free food alarm bells can ring. However, as a BBQ Master, I am […]